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Customised Strategies, Emphasis on Adoption, and Continuous Optimisation

We design long-term solutions. We leverage our deep understanding of fashion planning and collaborate with you every step of the way. We simplify processes, unleash creativity, and ensure your operations are future-proof.
How do you integrate new solutions long-term?
Often fashion merchandisers discover that generic industry best practices fall short of delivering optimal results. You implement the change that is met with resistance from employees, hindering progress. Even after successful implementation, you may find the team grappling with stagnation.
We simplify processes for long-term adoption
Customised Strategy
We delve deep into your business to identify and analyse your pain points and growth opportunities. Drawing upon our extensive experience, market knowledge, and a keen eye for trends, we collaborate with you to craft a comprehensive strategy that aligns seamlessly with your goals, target audience, and evolving market dynamics.
Emphasis on Adoption
Implementing change can be a daunting task. That's why we place significant emphasis on managing and facilitating the adoption of new strategies within your organisation. Our change management plan includes training, comprehensive communication strategies, and ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition. By continuously monitoring and evaluating adoption rates, we optimise our strategies in real-time, helping you overcome challenges, and accelerating your success.
Continuous Optimisation
We identify new growth opportunities through regular assessment of performance metrics. Our team of experts ensures your strategies remain agile and aligned with evolving market trends. We leverage innovative technologies and tools, streamline processes and deliver exceptional customer experiences that set you apart.
Still using Excel to create Merchandise Plans?
We offer FREE review of your current processes.
Learn how to reduce inventory overstock or understock by using planning solutions.
Merchandise Planning for Long-Term
We create personalised strategies just for you and make sure you understand and use them effectively
Lasting Success
We craft personalised strategies that align seamlessly with your specific needs. We combine our deep understanding of fashion planning with your brand's goals and target audience.
Streamlined Adoption
We make sure everyone understands and embraces the new strategies. We help you overcome resistance and facilitate effective implementation. With our meticulous focus on adoption, you can expect a smooth transition.
Competitive Edge
We monitor and constantly evaluate your strategies. This ensures they remain aligned with market trends. With our focus on continuous optimisation, you can confidently navigate the dynamic fashion landscape and stay ahead of the competition.
Fashion E-commerce Retailer digitalised its Merchandise Planning & delivered Personalised Shopping Experience.

  • Parallel planning streams for 80+ users
  • Standardised and structured planning process
  • Pre-plan baseline for buyers
End-to-End upgrade of large department store Merchandise Planning combined different retail models and allowed to centralise Planning Strategy.

  • Accurate and detailed sales plan for seasonality, trends and behaviour
  • Detailed inventory levels and buying plan optimisation
  • Real-time data and insights on financial performance
At KIVALUE we cover end-to-end
fashion retail processes
From connecting merchandising, buying, and planning processes to omnichannel inventory and markdown management

We offer FREE assessment of your current solution requirements.