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Maximising Your In-Store Sales with In-Store Stock Optimisation

As a fashion retailer, you know that in-store sales are an essential factor in driving revenue and brand success. Are your prime fixtures and locations being utilised effectively to showcase your top-selling products and maximise your sales potential? Streamlining in-store product placement through effective stock optimisation is key.
When it comes to in-store stock optimisation, many fashion retailers struggle with the same challenge:

Identifying which products sell best in which store locations, while ensuring prime fixtures aren’t wasted on low-selling items.

Solving this challenge requires a comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviour and the ability to customise in-store placements based on this data.

The Challenge: Identifying Your Top-Selling Products and Prime Locations

In the fast-paced world of fashion retail, it is crucial to identify your top-selling products and prime locations to drive sales and increase profitability.

However, this task can be complex due to the ever-changing market trends and consumer behaviour.

Let's take a closer look at the challenges you may face:
Maximising the Utilisation of Prime Fixtures and Locations

  • Prime fixtures and locations are valuable real estate within your store that have the potential to significantly impact sales.

  • Optimising the use of these fixtures and locations involves strategically placing your top-selling products to capture customer attention.

  • It is essential to ensure that these prime spots are not wasted on low-selling items.
Customising In-Store Placements and Product Assortments

  • Understanding consumer behaviour and market trends is crucial for effective stock optimisation.

  • Customising your in-store placements and product assortments based on these insights allows you to meet customer needs and preferences.

  • By aligning your offerings with market trends, you can create a compelling and relevant shopping experience for your customers.
Identifying Your Top-Selling Products

  • Accurately identifying your top-selling products requires comprehensive analysis of sales data.

  • This analysis helps you understand which products are driving customer interest and generating high sales volumes.

  • By pinpointing your top-selling products, you can leverage this information to make informed decisions about product placement and allocation of prime fixtures.

Ensuring Prime Fixtures Aren't Wasted on Low-Selling Items

  • It is essential to evaluate the performance of individual fixtures and ensure that they are effectively contributing to sales.

  • By identifying which fixtures are underperforming or housing low-selling items, you can restructure your in-store displays to maximise their impact.

  • This approach ensures that prime fixtures are utilised to their full potential, driving sales and increasing overall profitability.
Addressing these challenges is critical for efficient in-store stock optimisation, leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue.
The Solution: Comprehensive In-Store Stock Optimisation Approach

In the fast-paced domain of fashion retail, the key to staying ahead lies in effectively optimising in-store stock.

The following outlines a holistic solution encompassing ten essential strategies:
  • Data Analysis and Tracking
    • Regularly analyse sales data to identify top-selling products.
    • Utilise point-of-sale systems and customer relationship management tools to track customer preferences and behaviours.
  • Customer Feedback and Surveys
    • Collect feedback from customers through surveys and reviews.
    • Use this information to understand customer preferences, identify popular products, and gauge satisfaction with in-store experiences.
  • Seasonal Trend Analysis
    • Stay ahead of market trends by analysing seasonal changes in fashion.
    • Adjust in-store placements and promotions accordingly to align with current trends.
  • Fixture Performance Assessment
    • Regularly assess the performance of individual fixtures.
    • Identify underperforming fixtures or those housing low-selling items and consider repositioning or redesigning displays.
  • Dynamic Merchandising
    • Implement a dynamic merchandising strategy to keep displays fresh and engaging.
    • Rotate products regularly to showcase a variety of items and encourage repeat visits.
  • Utilise Technology
    • Explore the use of technology, such as RFID tags and sensors, to track product movement and popularity.
    • Leverage analytics tools for a deeper understanding of customer behaviour and optimise product placements accordingly.
  • Employee Training
    • Train staff to understand the importance of product placement and customer engagement.
    • Encourage employees to gather insights from customer interactions and provide feedback on product popularity.
  • Promotions and Bundling
    • Implement strategic promotions and bundle offers based on customer preferences.
    • Cross-sell complementary items to increase the average transaction value.
  • Adapt to Local Demographics
    • Customise in-store placements based on the demographics and preferences of the local customer base.
    • Tailor product assortments to meet the specific needs of each store's community.
  • Feedback Loop
    • Establish a feedback loop for continuous improvement.
    • Regularly review and adapt strategies based on changing market dynamics, customer preferences, and sales data.
Our Capability: Streamlining In-Store Stock Optimisation with Advanced Analytics

At KIVALUE, we understand the complexities of fashion planning and are committed to streamlining processes for our clients.

Our expertise lies in omni-channel stock optimisation and strategy planning, enabling fashion retailers to achieve a seamless shopping experience while maximising profitability.
Our capability includes:

Sales Analytics

Leveraging advanced analytics to provide retailers with a comprehensive understanding of market trends, consumer behaviour, and other factors that influence sales.


Store Layout Optimisation

Optimising the layout of retail stores to maximise foot traffic and sales potential..


Fixture-Performance Assessment

Reviewing the performance of individual fixtures to determine which are most successfully driving sales.

Maximising Your In-Store Sales with
In-Store Stock Optimisation

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Benefits of In-Store Optimisation Assessment

Our in-store optimisation assessment has numerous benefits for our clients:

Enhancing the in-store shopping experience for customers and increasing customer satisfaction.

Optimising product placement for maximum visibility and accessibility to customers.

Maximising profitability by using prime fixtures and locations to showcase top-selling products.

Delivering an approximate 7% uplift in sales or $1.75m on a 25m revenue.

Conclusion: Optimising Your Stock for Future Success

With the fast-paced nature of the fashion industry, maximising profits requires an efficient stock optimisation plan.

With our comprehensive 3-day in-store optimisation assessment, KIVALUE offers the solution to tackle the challenges of in-store placement and stock optimisation.

By implementing our solution and partnering with our team of experts, fashion retailers can enhance customer satisfaction, optimise their in-store placements, and maximise profitability.

Our commitment to collaboration, customisation, and continuous optimisation sets us apart in this competitive industry.

Trust us to provide a tailored service, which matches our client's individual needs. Don't hesitate to make the move and work with KIVALUE today.

The future of your stores’ success begins with us.
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