Locker Pickup

A retail service where customers order products online and pick them up from a designated locker at a store or other location, providing a secure and convenient pick-up option.

What is Locker Pickup?

Locker Pickup, also known as Click-and-Collect Lockers or Parcel Lockers, is a retail fulfilment option where customers order products online and collect them from secure self-service lockers. Customers place orders online, select the Locker Pickup option, and receive a pickup code or QR code. At the pickup location, they enter the code to unlock the designated locker containing their order. This method provides convenience for customers and cost-effectiveness for retailers, but requires an initial investment in locker infrastructure and efficient inventory management to ensure a smooth customer experience.

How Locker Pickup works

  • Online Order Placement: Customers place orders on the retailer's website or mobile app and select the Locker Pickup option during the checkout process.

  • Locker Selection: The customer is prompted to choose a convenient locker location from a list of available pickup points, which could be in retail stores, public places, or dedicated locker hubs.

  • Order Preparation: The retailer processes the order, picking and packing the items for pickup.

  • Notification: Once the order is ready for pickup, the customer receives a notification containing a pickup code or QR code via email, text message, or app notification.

  • Visit to Locker Location: The customer goes to the selected locker location and finds the locker with their order's unique identification code.

  • Locker Access: Using the pickup code or scanning the QR code, the customer unlocks the designated locker containing their order.

  • Collection: The customer retrieves their items from the locker and the locker door is closed, making it available for the next customer.
Locker Pickup offers convenience for customers as they can collect their orders at a time that suits them best, avoiding waiting in long store queues. It also provides flexibility for retailers, especially those with limited store space, as they can extend their order fulfilment capabilities beyond their physical store locations. However, retailers need to ensure that their locker infrastructure is well-maintained, secure, and accessible for customers, and the inventory management must be accurate to avoid any misplacements or delays in fulfilling orders.

Pros of Locker Pickup

  1. Convenience for Customers: Locker Pickup offers customers a convenient and flexible option to collect their online orders at a location and time that suits them best. It eliminates the need for customers to wait in long store queues, providing a seamless and efficient pickup process.
  2. Extended Order Fulfilment Capabilities: Retailers can extend their order fulfilment capabilities beyond their physical store locations by implementing locker systems in various strategic locations. This enables them to cater to a broader customer base without the need for additional brick-and-mortar stores.
  3. Cost-Efficient Last-Mile Delivery: Locker Pickup can serve as a cost-effective last-mile delivery solution for retailers. By consolidating multiple orders into a single locker, retailers can reduce delivery costs and optimise their delivery routes, leading to more efficient operations and potential cost savings.

Cons of Locker Pickup

  1. Initial Investment and Maintenance Costs: Implementing a Locker Pickup system requires an initial investment in purchasing and installing lockers, as well as ongoing maintenance costs. These expenses can be significant, especially for smaller retailers.
  2. Limited Item Size and Capacity: Locker Pickup may have limitations in terms of the size and capacity of items that can be stored in the lockers. Retailers need to consider the dimensions of the lockers and the types of products they sell to ensure all orders can be accommodated.
  3. Customer Adoption and Experience: Some customers may be unfamiliar or hesitant to use Locker Pickup, preferring traditional delivery methods or in-store shopping. Retailers need to invest in educating customers about the benefits and ease of using lockers and provide excellent customer support to address any concerns or issues that may arise during the pickup process.


Below you will find answers to common questions
How does Locker Pickup work?
Locker Pickup is a convenient and contactless delivery option for online orders. After placing an order on our website, you will receive a notification with a unique pickup code once your items are ready. Simply visit our store, enter the code on the locker's touchscreen, and your locker door will open, allowing you to retrieve your order securely.
Is Locker Pickup available for all items in your store?
While Locker Pickup is available for most of our items, there are a few exceptions. Large or bulky items that do not fit within the locker dimensions may not be eligible for this delivery option. However, during the checkout process, you will be informed if Locker Pickup is available for your specific order. Rest assured, our team will always strive to provide you with the most convenient pickup options for your purchases.