Curbside Pickup

A retail service that allows customers to order products online and pick them up without leaving their vehicle, offering added convenience and safety.

What is Curbside Pickup?

Curbside pickup is a retail service where customers order products online and pick them up outside the store. It offers convenience, flexibility, and a contactless experience. Customers park in a designated area, notify the store, and receive their purchases without entering the store. Retailers benefit from increased customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

How Curbside Pickup works

  • Online Order Placement: Customers browse products and place orders through the retailer's website or app.

  • Order Preparation: Store staff receive the order, pick the items from the inventory, and prepare them for pickup.

  • Customer Notification: Once the order is ready, the customer is notified via email, text message, or app notification, informing them that their order is available for curbside pickup.

  • Arrival at Store: The customer drives to the store and parks in a designated curbside pickup area. Some retailers may require customers to schedule a specific pickup time slot.

  • Check-in: The customer informs the store that they have arrived by calling a designated phone number or using an app check-in feature.

  • Order Delivery: Store staff bring the customer's order to their vehicle and verify their identity and order details. They may place the order directly into the customer's trunk or backseat to ensure a contactless delivery.

  • Completion of Transaction: If there are any remaining payments or returns/exchanges, they are handled at this point. Otherwise, the transaction is considered complete, and the customer can drive away with their purchases.
Curbside pickup provides customers with a convenient and contactless shopping experience, allowing them to receive their orders quickly without entering the store. It offers flexibility in terms of pickup times and reduces the time spent inside the store. Retailers benefit from increased customer satisfaction, improved operational efficiency, and the opportunity to drive additional sales through upselling or cross-selling during the curbside pickup process.

Pros of Curbside Pickup

  1. Convenience and Safety: Curbside pickup provides a convenient and contactless shopping option for customers. They can easily and safely retrieve their orders without entering the store, minimizing potential exposure to crowds and maintaining social distancing.
  2. Time Efficiency: Curbside pickup saves customers time by eliminating the need to navigate through the store aisles, stand in line at the checkout counter, and wait for their items to be bagged. It offers a streamlined and efficient pickup process, allowing customers to retrieve their orders quickly and get on with their day.
  3. Flexibility and Control: Curbside pickup gives customers the flexibility to choose a convenient pickup time that fits their schedule. It allows them to plan their shopping trips in advance and avoid the hassle of searching for items in-store. Additionally, customers have more control over their purchases, as they can inspect items before accepting them and easily request exchanges or returns if needed.

Cons of Curbside Pickup

  1. Limited Product Availability: Curbside pickup may not be available for all products or categories. Some items, such as perishable goods or items that require special handling, may not be eligible for curbside pickup. This limitation can restrict the range of products that customers can access through this service.
  2. Potential Delays and Wait Times: Depending on the popularity and demand for curbside pickup, there can be delays and longer wait times for customers to receive their orders. High order volumes or limited staff availability may result in longer processing times, leading to customer frustration.
  3. Lack of In-Store Experience: With curbside pickup, customers miss out on the in-store shopping experience, including browsing through aisles, physically examining products, and interacting with store staff. For some customers, this lack of hands-on experience and personal assistance may diminish the overall shopping satisfaction.


Below you will find answers to common questions
How can I ensure efficient and timely curbside pickup for our customers?
To ensure efficient curbside pickup, it's important to have a streamlined process in place. This includes implementing a robust order management system, optimising staff scheduling and training, and having designated parking spots or pickup zones for customers. Clear communication with customers regarding pickup instructions and timing is also crucial to minimise wait times and provide a seamless experience.
How can I handle potential order modifications or returns with curbside pickup?
Handling order modifications or returns with curbside pickup requires effective communication channels and clear policies. Retailers can offer customer support channels, such as online chat or phone assistance, to address order changes or concerns. Regarding returns, retailers can provide options for customers to initiate return requests online and follow designated return procedures, such as drop-off at the curbside pickup location or providing prepaid return labels for mail-in returns.